What Are Flashes And Floaters And Their Common Causes?
flashes and floaters

Whereas, if you experience them all the time and realise that they are increasing in number or size, that’s when you get your eyes checked. This is because floaters are one of the common symptoms of Retinal detachment. We will explain this further in the blog. Now let’s move on to what flashes are. Did you injure your eye? You might see little streaks and spots of bright light. This also is one of the symptoms of retinal detachment.

Have you ever looked at a blank wall or a clear blue sky and observed a few shapes floating in your vision? You might have also tried to blink your eyes to get rid of them, but they stay. We call them floaters. They are pretty common, and you need not worry if you see them once in a while.

What are the most common causes of flashes and floaters?

Well, one of the most common causes of flashes and floaters seem to be age. The retina slowly pulls back from its original position as you age, and this causes leaks in light information. If you’re young and experiencing floaters and flashes, it might be because your eye is injured. Check back on yourself if this is the case and consult with our specialists immediately. 

How do you stop floaters and flashes?

As mentioned earlier in the blog, if you see floaters once in a while in your vision, please know that this is quite common. So, give your eyes quality rest, and they’ll recover immediately. But, if you observe them all the time, we always recommend you consult our specialists. 

A few articles mention that floaters don’t need to be treated. While we stand with that opinion, if you experience frequent headaches because of floaters, it is recommended you should consult our specialists immediately. 

When to See an Eye Doctor?

Moving on to the severe cases of constantly experiencing floaters and flashes, there are several retinal surgeries. Most of them use lasers so that there’s minimal and some with almost no contact. So, you don’t have to worry about your safety. Not just that, quite a lot of retinal surgeries that we perform need less time to perform and have less recovery time. 

We hope you now have a brief idea of what floaters and flashes in your vision are. Are you above 50? Let our expert surgeons assess your eyes and provide you with just the right solution so that you can enjoy clear and worry-free vision. Book an appointment with us right away. 

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5 easy & effective tips to avoid Eye Infections
eye infections treatment

The monsoon is almost over, and we are getting ready to welcome winter. There is a common misconception in the public that the rate of infections decreases as the monsoon ends. But the fact is that only the spread of infections might reduce, but not the causes of infections. The rules that cause eye infections remain the same irrespective of the season. Based on that, we are here to educate you with five easy tips that you can use to avoid Eye Infections. 

As an eye care brand, we love to offer you tips on avoiding infections. But, that does not imply that these tips apply to all conditions. So, before you read through the blog, please visit us if you observe any discomfort in your eye. So, we can adequately assess and diagnose the issue in your eyes. 

Avoid Eye Infections – Wash your hands!

We have seen a complete Pandemic with this slogan being applied everywhere we go. Keeping our hands clean is one of the best ways to prevent eye infections and a pandemic. Although taken for granted, our hands are the most used part of our body. So, they come in contact with various items throughout the day, and it’s our responsibility to keep them clean at all times. So, let’s remember the 20-second rule again while washing your hands. 

Avoid touching your eyes

Yes, we suggested above that you have to wash your hands. But, please don’t be imagine that it will be enough to prevent infections. The eyes are sensitive and highly reactive organs of our body. Since our hands always carry infections, you should avoid touching your eyes frequently. 

Avoid Eye Infections – Live mold-free

Mold originates in damp and dirty places. You have to be careful about the surroundings you live in. If it’s a damp area, check all the corners of your home and look for dampness on the walls. Dampness leads to fungi problems. It will lead to severe eye infections.

Safety comes first

One of the common ways of getting infected is through an injury. Whenever the surface of the eye is damaged, it easily catches infections. And the presence of injury makes the recovery process harder than usual. To avoid this from happening, you should always wear protective gear to your eyes while doing extreme activities. 

Give Contacts a break

Contact lenses sure are an incredible element of our lifestyles. But, since contact lenses are to be removed and put on every day, they increase the risk of eye infection. Please make sure you clean your contact lenses properly every day. Even better yet, take a break from contact lenses for a while.

There you go. 5 tips on how to avoid eye infections. As we mentioned earlier in the blog, please book an appointment if you observe any discomfort in your eyes. We will provide you with the best solution possible. 

NOTE: No information, suggestion, advice, evaluation, process, terminology, etc., provided in our blog should be considered as the final medical advice. Please note that this information is only indicatory for you to better understand various eye-related syndromes and the treatment options available. For any issues or discomfort in your eye(s), we recommend you visit our hospital. Only on complete diagnosis by one of our doctors we can evaluate your condition and help you with a relevant medical process and/or treatment.

What To Do To Avoid Eye Infections?
eye infection treatment
eye infection treatment

Even though we repeat this in every blog we write, there’s no other way of saying this. The eyes are the most sensitive and essential part of our body, and what makes them so sensitive is also the reason why they are prone to infections. So, in this blog, we try to cover as many tips as we can to educate you on how to avoid eye infections.

Eye infections are common, but that doesn’t mean they can be taken lightly. Even though they seem to go away in a couple of days or weeks, they also have the ability to damage your eyesight. So, to prevent this from happening, read this blog and get to know what to do when you face the issue of an eye infection. 

What are the symptoms of eye infections?

In most cases, the symptoms of eye infections are similar. They start with eye dripping, swelling, and itching. While these are common symptoms, we request you not take these symptoms for granted. In a few cases, these minor symptoms could lead to no-return damages. Some of the common names of eye infections are Conjunctivitis and Dry eyes. Eye infections could be caused due to Viral, Fungal, or Bacterial elements. 

One of the greater risks of infections is that they spread. Especially in cold weather conditions, human bodies are prone to get infected. Another risk is their ability to seep into deeper layers. Since eyes are sensitive, infections find it easy to make their way into deeper layers like the Cornea. Now that you’re aware of what eye infections could do let’s move into how to avoid them. 

As a matter of fact, the following tips are quite easy for us to mention, while it is definitely challenging to keep doing these every day. So, let’s make a habit of following these below tips and save our eyes from damage. 

Hands carry it all!

We mean, all! From bacteria to dirt, hands carry them all. Fun fact, there are more types of bacteria on the palm of your hand than on a clean bathroom floor. We hope this fact makes a significant impact on keeping your hands out of your face. Since it is challenging to keep our hands away from our face, make an alternative habit of keeping them clean at all times, reducing the chances of catching eye infections. 

Smoking is strict No No

One puff is enough to damage your eyesight permanently. So, why take the risk? Not just tobacco, but also be aware of any chemical fumes around the place of your work and home. If you feel any discomfort in your eyes after coming in touch with smoke, contact our specialists immediately. 

Keep Contacts on the table

Follow this strictly every night before going to bed. Remove your contacts. Not just that, make a habit of cleaning them before packing. It will ensure that your lenses and the box remain infection-free. Also, they’ll be ready to go the next time you need them. 

These are only a few habits that we list here to educate you on how to avoid eye infections. Our specialists are always ready to address all your eye-related concerns. However, take care of yourself and your eyes.

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