You now have direct access to all our specialists. With our all-new Online Eyecare service, we have made Eyecare easier and far more accessible. You can now choose your desired specialist, book your convenient time-slot, and consult with them through an online call, all from the comfort of your home. With the COVID-19 cases rising up, we have created the safest portal to Eyecare for you.

Through our online consultation, you can speak to our specialists regarding your vision challenges or any irregularities. From queries to general eye problems such as Dry eye, Red eye, Conjunctivitis, our experts will give you just the solution you need.

We are also providing online consultations for our post-operative patients. So, you can now leave your worries behind and avail our services with just a few clicks.

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Online Consultation by our Specialists

Cornea Doctor In Hyderabad Dr Bhanu Prakash

Dr. C. Sharat Babu

MS Ophthalmology, FAICO

Chief Surgeon


Cornea Doctor In Hyderabad Dr Bhanu Prakash

Dr. Santosh

MS Ophthalmology

Retina Surgeon


Cornea Doctor In Hyderabad Dr Bhanu Prakash

Dr. Srujana

MS Ophthalmologist

Comprehensive Ophthalmologist


Cornea Doctor In Hyderabad Dr Bhanu Prakash

Dr. E. Lavanya


Cornea Fellow LVPEI, Phaco Surgeon


Your Safety. Our Promise.

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How safe are Maxivision Eye Hospitals for
regular Checkups & Surgeries? -by Dr. Kasu Prasad Reddy

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Journey of the patient with
Mr. Sudheer, COO of Maxivision Eye Hospitals

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Contactless Robotic surgeries

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High-quality PPE for doctors & patients

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Vaccinated staff & doctors

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Disclaimer: This eye care service and diagnosis are only for giving proper advice after evaluating your conditions and seeing your eyes through a mobile camera. For critical cases and further evaluation, we advise you to meet the doctor personally. Maxivision is extending this service for the benefit of patients who need critical and emergency eye care.