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In the simplest terms, a Refractive error is caused when the focus of the eye is disturbed. The most common Refractive errors include Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism. These can be corrected through Refractive Surgeries best suitable for your eyes.


  • Lasik/PRK
  • Custom Lasik
  • Presbyopic Laser
  • Smile
  • (ICL) Implantable Contact Lens Permanent Contact Lens

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Lasik is a simple laser procedure done with a harmless excimer laser on inner layer of your cornea. After careful and detailed evaluation of your corneal health, through a comprehensive and three-dimensional Cornea Scan, your surgeon determines the treatment pattern, and will also inform you the expected visual results post procedure.
Lasik is a laser correction to reshape your cornea with a laser ablation. The laser is applied on inner layer of your cornea after lifting a thin flap of your cornea, with a superficial hinge, with a Micro Keratome. Immediately after the Laser application, the flap is replaced back and the joints heal immediately.
Lasik is most common laser procedure performed all across the world since last 3 decades, and there are no serious complications reported with a properly planned and evaluated Lasik procedure. This is a complete outpatient, non-surgical procedure, and painless.

Custom Lasik:

A patient, who is qualified for Lasik by the doctor, can also opt for Custom Lasik, which is a personalized treatment plan for each of your eye. This procedure uses a diagnostics called as Aberrometry, which maps all the aberrations on your corneal surface and laser is patterned to smoothen the minute aberrations on individual corneal surface, the outcome of which would be more clear and crisp vision.


The principle or the modality of Femto Lasik treatment is the same except for the procedure of Flap making. In Femto Lasik surgery flap is created by second laser which is more precise and accurate way of creating a flap.The flaps made with Micro Keratome Lasik, are thicker and may vary quite considerably from one eye and patient to another Conversely, the flaps created with a femtosecond laser are much thinner and more even. This has enabled more and more people to get rid of eyeglasses - regardless of the thickness of the cornea. Moreover, the required amount of pressure is much smaller than in using a Micro keratome.


As the name suggests, the procedure has been very successful to give a smile on your face, and your eyes. Smile is a 3rd Generation Laser vision correction, detailed as Small incision lenticule extraction, which is SMILE for short. It is a flapless, minimally invasive, Keyhole procedure that combines the advantages of Lasik, and PRK. Requiring no Flap, the outer corneal layer remains largely intact. In hands of an experienced surgeon the overall treatment is gentle and visual recovery is fast.


The ICL is an implantable Contact lens that works with together with the natural lens of your eye to give you clear and good quality of vision. During the procedure, the lens is inserted between your iris and your natural lens through a tiny incision that usually does not require any stitches. ICL is made of very safe and biocompatible, material called Collamer, which is exclusively made by Staar Surgicals. ICL is the best solution for people who are not suitable for Lasik and who have high refractive errors and also people who have contra indications on cornea like dry eyes, keratoconus, etc and cannot perform a Lasik or any other refractive procedures. It also gives very good visual outcomes for patients with Astigmatism.

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