How is Contoura Eye surgery performed?

Contoura Eye surgery is an advanced form of LASIK surgery, which has benefitted millions worldwide. LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. It corrects the refractive errors of the human eye.  Sharat Maxivision is the best Eye hospital for Contoura Eye surgery.

While LASIK appeared on the scene more than two decades ago, there have been many advanced forms of LASIK surgery that have come in the last two decades. This includes ICL, PRK and more. 

Contoura Vision surgery has seen vision correction levels of more than 6/6. This is something unprecedented in LASIK surgery. A personalised vision correction technique, called Topographic-mapping, helps achieve this. 

But the surgery is generally recommended for patients between 18 to 45 years of age. The surgeon can take a call on anyone above 45, based on the patient’s eye health.

The Contoura Vision surgery procedure –

The Contoura Vision surgery follows a simple yet careful procedure to treat refractive errors such as Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism. Firstly, your eye specialist will determine your eligibility to undergo the Contoura surgery. 

Your cornea is mapped by the Contoura Vision system up to 22,000 points post the test. This mapping ensures that no aberrations remain on your eye cornea. Followed by this, you will get an appointment shortly to undergo surgery. 

On the surgery day, all you have to do is walk in like an OPD patient. Lie down beneath the Contoura Vision machine. The surgeon numbs your eyes using anaesthetic drops. When your eyes go numb, the surgeon will direct a computer-controlled laser beam onto your cornea. 

The laser beam will be varied by the system according to the topography of your mapped cornea. Following the procedure, your eye specialist meets you and instructs you on the precautions needed, along with an eye drops prescription.

What’s next after Contoura surgery?

Things may appear blurry just as you get up from the surgery bed. But your vision will return to normal within a few hours. By the next day and within the next few days, you will see a complete change in your eyesight. Hence, with an absolutely bladeless, bloodless and painless procedure, you can achieve 6/6+ vision. 

Additionally, there is very little loss of your corneal tissue. The procedure saves 40% of corneal tissue.

In the next few days following the surgery, you may experience small side effects such as dry eyes or itching. But this, too, will remain only for a short time.

The Contoura Vision surgery procedure is currently the safest and best worldwide. You can wind up the entire procedure in just 20 minutes without complications. You would be going home as if nothing ever happened yet with the feeling of a newly gained freedom.

We have the privilege of being the first eye hospital to introduce this advanced surgical procedure to the residents of Warangal and the areas surrounding it. We desire that you benefit from the same and hence, are always invited to communicate with us on the same.  Kindly go through our website in detail to know more.