What is Visual acuity test, its need, Diagnosis & Treatments

visual acuity test

Visual acuity, or clarity of vision, represents how well you can see letters or objects at a given distance. A visual acuity test uses a standardized chart during a normal eye check-up.

What is a visual acuity test?

This test determines whether you can read the smallest letters or images on the Snellen chart held 6 meters away. Some of these charts are actually video monitors showing letters or images.
Visual acuity is the ability to recognize shapes and other details of the things you see. There is no risk involved in a visual acuity test.

What is the need for a visual acuity test?

You can ask for this test if you are experiencing a problem with your vision. Also, this test tells you if your vision has changed or not. Children often take visual acuity tests. Early testing helps prevent issues from getting worse.

How is it performed?

There are two ways of performing this test:

Snellen Chart

The Snellen test uses a chart of letters or symbols. The letters and symbols are of different sizes. They are arranged in rows and columns. Therefore, this chart helps you understand how well you can see these letters and shapes from a distance of 20 feet.
You have to cover one eye with the palm of your hand or a piece of paper while you read the smallest line of letters on the chart.

Random E

You have to identify the direction of the letter ā€œEā€ in this test. You will look at the letter on a chart or a projector. As a result, you have to point in the direction of the letter

Therefore, with the help of different lenses, you look at the chart. The optometrist will keep changing the lenses until you can see the chart clearly. It helps your optometrist understand your lens prescription and if you need vision correction.

In conclusion, if you ever feel any discomfort in your eyes, consult with our doctors. They will give you the best way to treat your issue. It will also prevent the issue from worsening. We will take care of your eyes.